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Tin man - Sci-Fi Channnel, Premier December 2, 2007, nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, Including Best Costume and Best Costume Direction
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I early March 2007, I was contacted by Sarah Haddleton, to construct armour items for an upcoming mini-series called Tin Man, obviously I was quite interested, I was to make about 20 sets of single articulated arms and accompaniing shoulders for a group of characters known as "long coats".  I was able to provide via Fedex a sample within 48 hours, at which I was contacted by award winning costume designer Angus Strathie to also make some additional customized parts for the character portrayed by Kathleen Robertson.  The entire work was completed in 13 days and delivered.
Here are some still photos of the work courtesy of  Leo Chiang a actor on the production.


These photos are copyright 2007 by Leo Chiang and used with his permission.
You can check out his insightful on-line blog here:

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